Explore the extensive portfolio of Pete M Wyer. Pete’s long history of performances, projects, and installations performed across the world are listed below.


As a composer, musician, storyteller and innovator of immersive sound. Pete has created scores for the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juilliard, the orchestra of Welsh National Opera, The Crossing, BBC Television and the Royal Opera House as well as creating seven operas and music theatre works.

It was a wonderful thing. In Boston in 2022 we brought together soprano, Mary Rose Go who plays ‘Tsering’ in Ga Sho (May You Be Loved) with Ngawang Sangdrol the real life Tibetan nun whose story inspired the work.

Immersive sound installations indoors and outdoors offer a powerful and unique way to engage people with sound. Combining cutting-edge sound technologies and innovation, with social and communitarian values, immersive sound installations offer a completely different way of experiencing sound space.